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"esome supported us throughout the entire process of creating successful social media campaigns. With their technology and their unique approach they helped us to improve campaign performance by the factor of 3 and we could eventually benefit from the granular possibilities of social media environments."
esome client, CMO

esome is a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner


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about us

esome is a social media advertising specialist.

Social media advertising addresses relevant users before they even begin their search. Our credo is to provide effective social media advertising to reach your individual goals. The combination of granular targeting options, customized optimization algorithms and integration of individualized client KPIs is necessary to unlock the full potential of social networks for advertisers.

esome unifies these requirements in a proprietary software technology: the esome engine.

A team of trusted and skilled account managers assists our clients in all facets of advertising on social media platforms – our holistic, full-service approach ranges from tool support to delivering campaigns.

Offering full service as well as the advertising technology makes esome a unique provider of SMA solutions.

who we work for:

esome serves more than 100 clients in diverse industries such as telecommunications, travel, e-commerce, fashion and automotive. We manage regional, national and international branding and performance campaigns for our clients.

As social media advertising specialist we do not only serve direct clients but we also support advertising agencies with our technology and expert knowledge.

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our team:

  • Aleksandar

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Alex

    Account Team Lead

  • Alexandra

    Junior Account Manager

  • Anja

    Account Manager

  • Anna

    Junior Account Manager

  • Annemarie

    Account Manager

  • Bianca

    Account Manager

  • Billy

    Junior Business Development Manager

  • Björn

    Junior Accountant

  • Bojan

    Web Developer

  • Boyana

    Senior Account Manager

  • Christin

    Junior Account Manager

  • Christina

    Senior Account Manager

  • Christoph

    Managing Director

  • Christopher

    Business Development Manager

  • Claudia

    Account Manager

  • David

    Junior Account Manager

  • Dominique

    Junior Account Manager

  • Falk

    Managing Director

  • Frederick

    Teamlead Business Development

  • Frederike

    Marketing Manager

  • Gesa

    HR Manager

  • Hansjörg

    Managing Director

  • Helena

    Account Manager

  • Ilja

    Manager Finance & Controlling

  • Inga

    Junior Account Manager

  • Isabel

    Account Manager

  • Jan

    Director Finance

  • Jan

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jan

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Jana

    Sales Manager

  • Jennifer

    Junior Account Manager

  • Julia

    Office Manager

  • Julian


  • Julius

    Junior Account Manager

  • Jörg

    Manager Insights and Analytics

  • Katharina

    Administrator HR & Payroll

  • Katrin

    Account Team Lead

  • Konstantin

    Manager Product Development

  • Kristina

    Senior Account Manager

  • Laura

    Account Manager

  • Lena

    Junior Account Manager

  • Lisa

    Product Manager

  • Manuel

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Marija

    SQL Developer

  • Marija

    Junior Account Manager

  • Marnie

    Account Manager

  • Martin

    Senior Account Manager

  • Maša

    Junior Account Manager

  • Matthias

    System Administrator

  • Max

    Account Manager

  • Meike

    Senior Account Manager

  • Meiken

    Account Team Lead

  • Michael

    Account Manager

  • Milan

    Junior Web Developer

  • Milica

    Account Team Lead

  • Mona

    Account Team Lead

  • Negin

    Account Director

  • Nataša

    Junior Account Manager

  • Nebojša

    Account Team Lead

  • Nenad

    Junior Web Developer

  • Nikola

    Web Developer

  • Nina

    Junior Account Manager

  • Oanh

    Account Manager

  • Raimund

    Account Team Lead

  • Robin

    Business Development Manager

  • Robert

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Roman

    Manager Insights and Analytics

  • Sarah

    Junior Account Manager

  • Simo

    Senior Software Developer

  • Simon

    Junior Account Manager

  • Srđan

    Web Developer

  • Stefan

    Head of Development

  • Stefanie

    Account Team Lead

  • Steffi

    Account Manager

  • Stephanie

    Manager Product & Development

  • Tatjana

    Business Development Manager

  • Ulf

    Product Support Manager

  • Veljko

    Web Developer

  • Vladica

    UI Developer

  • Vuk

    Junior Account Manager

esome solution

our solution:

esome engine

esome engine

We believe in technology.

In the provision of social media marketing solutions technology is the key. That is why we invested in our specific proprietary technology: the esome engine. The esome engine is built for scale with workflow automation, predictive optimization, deep data integration, and near-time and comprehensive reporting tools.

Combining predictive data analysis and learning algorithms, esome engine offers marketers a comprehensive SaaS platform. This maximizes return on ad spend by identifying high value audiences and efficiently managing the workflow.

According to your preferences we provide support or full-service management.

learn more about our technology:


esome targeting

Stretching beyond general demographic and geographic data, social media advertising has opened the door to deeper interest, behavioral and connection-based targeting methods. Our approach to social media advertising is transparency and efficiency: Based on your individual goals, we select the platforms with the best fit.

With mobile, showing the right content to the right person is more important than ever. To achieve that you have to identify the audience that really matters to your business, create relevant content and adress your target group at a scale that matters to your business.

Highly granular set-ups enable us to precisely address your potential customers to achieve the best possible results.


esome optimization

Our advanced optimization engine is continuously improved by closely cooperating with all platforms. This ensures that all of our features are built according to best practices and makes our product truly state-of-the-art.

bid optimization

The esome engine offers highly individualized bid strategies that are carried out in real time. If you choose our managed service solution our client managers will continuously control and optimize your campaigns to ensure you meet your targets.

budget optimization

Optimization includes the allocation of budget according to the potential of delivery and success of each targeting. These optimization fundamentals enable our experts to allocate the budget across platforms, devices, targetings, bid strategies and individual campaigns to maximize the efficiency of every €/$ spent.

targeting optimization

Targeting optimization enables us to analyze the performance of each individual targeting combination and to eliminate the ineffective ones if necessary. By researching new targeting options and testing different bidding strategies we guarantee effective social media campaigns.


esome insights

Based on our clients’ campaign objectives we set up a comprehensive ad server tracking that enables us to measure individual KPIs such as Cost per Lead or Return on Investment.

Our comprehensive reporting features give you all the insights you need, transparent and available at any time. The esome engine allows you to create analyses on demand identifying general trends of your campaign on each platform. Detailed reports provide you information about the most granular targeting and their performance.

In addition we are able to use learnings and audience insights for other media channels in order to improve the effectiveness of your media budget.

You can not only reach your individual campaign goals, but generate value-adding insights into your clients' characteristics.

esome career

"Working at esome gives me the opportunity to gain far-reaching experience and in-depth expert knowledge in managing performance-driven campaigns. Serving clients from various industries and with individual objectives brings new challenges every day. I’m involved in every step of the process from planning, account management, campaign setup, controlling, analysis and optimization to reporting as well as communication with clients and advertisers."
Stefanie, Account Team Lead


The work you do will have a direct effect on a very dynamic business. At esome, you will make an impact. Our people come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds including marketing, engineering, science, technology and the humanities. You’ll draw strength from a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment, and you will be part of a team that helps you succeed.

esome is a meritocracy built on the belief that collaboration, teamwork and integrity create the right environment for our people to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

We look for people who we believe will thrive in this environment, prioritizing quick thinking, passion, motivation to learn and communication skills above specific qualifications. So whether you’re a recent graduate or have been working for a few years, if you’re excited about the potential of working at esome, we’re interested in hearing from you.


At esome we talk a lot about teamwork, but what does that actually mean? All our business units are made up of teams, often working across multiple functions. Within those teams everyone has their own areas of expertise but the overall responsibility for the project is shared. This creates a flat organizational structure, where everyone’s point of view is valid (even the newest intern) and ideas can come from anywhere.


Our distinct corporate culture is one of the things that set us apart from other firms. We expect everyone at the firm to be a contributor; no one is just an employee. This is why we make an unusual effort to identify and recruit people who, in addition to their intellect, share our commitment to leadership in business and to the communities where we work and live. We are looking for employees who are seeking out great opportunities and take on responsibility.

Our team is dedicated to deliver best-in-class consulting on how to advertise on social media platforms and how to make best use of our powerful esome optimization technology. Based in the heart of Hamburg we are actively looking for committed, passionate, communicative and self-starting team players that are eager to take our clients’ business to the next level in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

“Working at esome means learning constantly. Through given responsibility I quickly experienced how to work independently. Supported by my colleagues I can develop my social and professional skills every day. Among my multiple tasks are execution of client campaigns, platform management across different social media platforms, implementation and optimization of campaigns towards granular client targets. Besides my work at esome I am still a student studying Media Management. esome offers me a perfect environment to successfully combine theory and practical experience.”

Chrissi, Trainee

“Since I started working at esome I most of all enjoy the fantastic experience of true team spirit. Besides my self-driven and challenging tasks I am particularly impressed by the great atmosphere in our team. Everyone at esome– regardless of being a junior or senior – can actively participate in the decision making process and hence positively influence the company’s culture and business model. For me it is unique how our people can boost their personal and professional skills, especially in a world of constant change and new opportunities.”

Martin, Account Team Lead

esome contact

located in the heart of Hamburg

you can find us at:

Hohe Bleichen 11 ▪ 20354
Hamburg▪ Germany

e-mail us:


+49 40 600 288 100

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