esome launches intelligent weather targeting feature

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The success of advertising is highly dependent on external conditions. One rather obvious being the current weather condition. Still in most cases weather cannot be reflected in campaigns, as it is highly localized and can change quickly.

Imagine for example the first sunny days of spring with temperatures increasing. Advertising your newest spring fashion collection, the newest convertible or just a refreshing beverage can gain significant relevance if linked to external conditions like weather. Or what about a sudden change of weather in April from sun to pouring rain? If you are a travel company offering a sunny destination right at that time, it might increase the desire for an exotic location dramatically.

We at esome continuously think of how we can make your advertising efforts more relevant – and our newest local weather targeting feature offers you the opportunity to make use of exactly that: the local weather conditions. Now, your ads can automatically be triggered by local weather and forecasts.

Our new feature supports all Facebook and Instagram campaigns, as well as the latest formats such as Instagram Stories Ads. Your ads will be displayed based on the user’s location and the corresponding weather, e.g. a custom temperature range and clustered weather conditions like rainy, cloudy or sunny.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us for more details and we help you to define an individual campaign setup using our new weather targeting!

esome Price Index Q3|2016

In our Social Media Advertising Price Index for Q3/2016 one can see that the third quarter of the  year performed a little better than its antecessor. While advertising spending remained equal, a dropping CPM and CPC and a growing CTR argue for a well performing third quarter. The growing advertising activities and the right hand-side revival have been remarkable in Q3.

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esome Price Index Q2|2016

Being a fully integrated Twitter Ads Partner with complete API access esome advertising is able to display the whole Twitter ads inventory with the proprietary tool since April 2016. In the course of Q2 2016 esome was thus able to build up a valid data basis for Twitter advertising campaigns to use it additionally to the Facebook and Instagram data for this price index.

Generally one can register that advertising spending on the platforms that are reflected in the price index have grown and already exceeded the spending level of Q4 2015. The average CPM is on an all-time high, as well as the average CTR. The CPLC remained on a constantly low level. (mehr …)

Facebook & Instagram Advertisting Price Index Q1|2016

As predicted, advertising spendings have dropped significantly in the first quarter on 2016 – just as the considered KPIs (CPC, CPM, CTR). Due to a change in the click metrics we will from now on consider the more and more important video formats seperately.

Download: Price Index Q1/2016

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esome advertising recruits Jan Heidenreich as Chief Commercial Officer

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Today esome advertising announces the nomination of Jan Heidenreich as Chief Commercial Officer. As of the beginning of June Heidenreich will drive the direct client business and the expansion to international markets with his longtime experience in the digital media industrie.

As Chief Commercial Officer Jan Heidenreich will be in charge of the sales departement management at esome advertising and will intensify the market penetration in terms of direct client business as well as the development of international business activities.

Being the founder of TBG DIGITAL, the German sister of the British TBG DIGITAL Ltd., Heidenreich knows the challenges a young enterprise is confronted with. At the same time he is a pioneer for strategic planning and effective implementation of social media campaigns for international advertisers. After TBG had been acquired by Sprinklr, a market-listed adtech company from New York, in 2014 Heidenreich continued to work in the fields of paid media as Senior Director EMEA at Sprinklr.

Heidenreich can look back at 15 years of work experience in the fields of digital paid media and brings essential know-how about all business characteristics from managed service to software as a service to esome. His expertise is complemented by a profound knowledge about classic media from his operating experience gained at Gruner+Jahr and Axel Springer. Heidenreich’s profile offers ideal characteristics to support esome in developping innovative social media strategies for their clients.

“We are happy to have won a first mover of our industry with a huge scope of know-how who will take care of our customer relationships and expand our business to new spheres”, says Christoph Brust, managing director at esome.

Facebook Advertisting Price Index Q4|2015

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Christmas trade always intensifies the combat for consumers attention and purchasing power. In social media advertising this is indicated by rising CPMs in Q4/2015. At the same time users seem to be more active in the festive season, shown by growing CTRs and decreasing CPCs. Learn more about the developments across the different placements and also for different industries (NEW!).

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Facebook Lead Ads – Connecting People and Businesses

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Marketers in Germany still struggle with the use of Facebook lead ads. Though lead ads offer a convenient way to collect contact information in terms of direct marketing, there is still uncertainty about use cases, benefits, requirements and legal aspects. With our lead ad whitepaper we want to reduce concerns about the implementation by going into each of the points named above.

Whitepaper Facebook Lead Ads – English

Whitepaper Facebook Lead Ads – German

Facebook Advertisting Price Index Q3|2015

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The data for this price index has been aggregated from over 170 clients advertising in the German market spanning all major industries.

Only data where a specific placement has been targeted has been included. Campaigns which targeted multiple placements (e.g. “Feed” or “Desktop”) are not included.

Data from Q3/2014 serves as the basis and all subsequent quarters have been normalized against Q3/2014.

The method for calculating the price evolution has changed since we first released our data for the previous quarter. Initially, we decided to give each client the same weight in calculating the price, regardless of their spending. However, this approach turned out to overly influence a client’s particularities and in the end did not necessarily correlate with the entire market’s evolution, thus skewing our findings. This quarter we additionally weighted the price evolution based on the client’s spend level to find more accurate results.

This time around we included the first findings for our clients‘ Instagram campaigns. While we are not able to show an evolution yet, since Instagram just started showing ads in October, we included the absolute CPM, CPC and CTR. We plan to separately show the price evolution of Instagram in the future. (mehr …)

Esome Recognized as Member of Instagram Partner Program

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Today esome advertising technologies announced that it was recognized as one of the initial members of the Instagram Partner Program, a new program that distinguishes companies and their capabilities to run effective advertising campaigns, manage communities, source and deliver content on Instagram.

Companies in the Instagram Partner Program have expertise in at least one of three specialties — ad tech, community management and content marketing — to help marketers meet their objectives. esome advertising technologies has been badged in Ad Tech for helping advertisers throughout their planning, buying, optimizing, measuring process on Instagram.

“We are really excited to become an initial member of the Instagram Partner Program and are looking forward to further intensifying our collaboration with the Instagram team to offer our clients the best social advertising experience,” said Falk Bielesch, Managing Director of esome. (mehr …)

Expanded solution for CRM based targeting on Facebook

In partnership with Acxiom, a leading service provider for data, analytics and software-as-a-service-solutions, esome offers an automated solution for using offline customer data for Facebook advertisting.

This features does not only increase matching rates of CRM data. It also allows to create and address “super lookalikes” – a powerful targeting cluster which is created from both Facebook and Acxiom data. The use of a hashing tool ensures that your customer data is always protected.

Learn more about Managed Custom Audiences in our infograph.

Infograph Managed Custom Audiences