The following case study shows cases the work we did for a telco client. Main objective was to drive CPO improvements. This was achieved through a long-term multi-layer optimization strategy. This particular case is based on a telco campaign for a SIM-only provider running for few months. The planning, setup, delivery, optimization and analysis were performed via our proprietary technology the esome engine.

Executive Summary:
Long-term multi-layer optimization strategy allows to identify performance drivers on the structural and the operational levels as well as find performance boosters in mature campaigns by way of leveraging data collected over a longer time span and data driven targeting.

Keywords: Telco; Multi-Layer Optimization;

Mid-term CPO improvement 30%
Long-term CPO improvement 60%

Long term multi-layer optimization

Display ads on Facebook were chosen as the main advertising channel. The client has limited organic marketing experience in selected social media channels.

Five Phases:
Throughout the span of the case study we distinguish 5 phases:

  • Structuring campaigns
  • Testing targetings
  • Extending targetings
  • Entering mobile
  • Targeting audiences

The following infographic presents the results of the study. It sums up the key measures that were taken to achieve better CPO.
The CPO change is represented in terms of percentage of the starting point.